2022/23 Schedule:

  1. 6th October – Calton Hill
  2. 20th October – Pollock Halls
  3. 3rd November – Braids
  4. 17th November – Liberton
  5. 2nd December – Mortonhall
  6. 26th January – Dean Village (Big Weekend)
  7. 9th February – Oxgangs
  8. 23rd February – Nidrie
  9. 3rd March – Crags
  10. 23rd March – Whinny Hill

General FWTN Details

Fight with the Night (FWTN) is a fortnightly orienteering series hosted by EUOC members in and around Edinburgh from October to March. There are 10 events, with 5 in each semester, trying to alternate between urban and ‘forest’ orienteering every 2 weeks.

Each event will have two top quality courses: Long and Short. The short course is suitable for beginners or tired people, while the long is a course planned for orienteering pros and anyone who enjoys long runs in the Edinburgh darkness.

The long course this year will also have an optional mass start at 7:30pm, with a fair gaffing format for some high quality head-to-head racing experience.

*New for 2022* To add another layer of spice to our brilliant areas, we will be using artificial barriers. These are great at creating new route choice legs and will make even the most seasoned athletes scratch their heads. See below for an example.

Please feel free to join even if you’re not competitive, it is unlikely all runners joining in will be racing anyway!

There is a points system, counting your best 5 results from the 10 events, and those at the top of the table at the end of the year might win a prize, but will definitely win respect.

To run, you’ll need a head torch and an SI card. If you don’t own these don’t worry too much, just post on the EUOC Facebook page or fire me off an email and we’ll do our best to find one for you to use. Some decent shoes are also recommended.

Starts are 7:00-7:45pm with courses closing about 8:30pm. The cost is £4 per map or £3 for Students/Juniors.

If you would like to be added to the FWTN mailing list to get emails containing the week’s details or just want to chat, send me an email at   events.euoc@gmail.com

2019/2020 results are available here

2018/2019 results courtesy of Robin Strain are available here.

2016-2017 results are available here and they are collated here. Many thanks to Andrew Dalgleish for doing this.