Calton Hill – 7th October


The registration/download area is at the given location. The start and finish are adjacent and you can park on road by the start/finish.

Google Maps:

Grid Reference: NT 26751 74180

What3Words: rise.notes.tribal

Nearest Postcode: EH1 3DG


An excellent mixture of urban and parkland. You can expect some multi-level madness, some fast street running, a bit of woodland and some cool monuments. Map extract below:


The starts are from 19:00-19:45.

There is an optional mass start on the Long course at 19:30.

Courses close at 20:30.


We will be using online entry this year courtesy of RaceSignUp! Please try and sign up online before 12:00 on Wednesday 6th October. Entry on the night is accepted but there is no guarantee of a map so please try and sign up online!

£3 per map.

Link to entry:


We have a nice short intro into the night-orienteering season for you all this week, however don’t be fooled, these are straight line distances and there is a lot of routechoice! There may or may not also be some phi/butterfly loops…

Long: 3.3km

Short 2.5km


Please do not come if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone with COVID or are currently isolating.

Please try and maintain social distancing around the assembly area.

Do not congregate before/after your runs.

Just be sensible.

Additional Info:

Please stay out of the WOC embargo whilst orienteering. This will be clearly marked on the map with the OOB symbol. You can find out exactly where the embargo is here:

I think it goes without saying that a headtorch is required, shoes with good grip are recommended for the mean Calton Slopes, and don’t forget your dibber!

EUOC do have some spare compasses, dibbers and a few headtorches which you can borrow if needed.

As always please be respectful of the public. It would be nice to not have to deal with any public complaints.



Overall League: