Calton Hill – 6th October


Start/Assembly/Finish all located about 30m west of the National Monument of Scotland.

What 3 Words: ///quick.finishing.future

Nearest Postcode: EH7 5AA


An excellent mixture of urban and parkland. You can expect some multi-level madness, some fast street running, a bit of woodland and some cool monuments. Map extract below:


The starts are from 19:00-19:45.

There is an optional mass start on the Long course at 19:30.

Courses close at 20:30.


We will be using online entry this year courtesy of RaceSignUp! Please try and sign up online before 12:00 on Thursday 6th October. Entry on the night is accepted but there is no guarantee of a map so please try and sign up online!

£4 for seniors, £3 for Juniors (under the age of 18) and Students in full time education.

Link to entry: Racesignup


Course details are as follows.

Long: 3.3km

Short 2.5km

Note that course lengths refer to the ‘straight line’ distance. The optimal route distance is likely to be 50% longer than written above.

The Long course crosses some busy roads and is thus unsuitable to those younger than 16.

The Short course stays in pedestrianised areas and is suitable for everyone.

No loose control descriptions will be provided.


Please do not come if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone with COVID or are currently isolating.

Additional Info:

*New for 2022* To add another layer of spice to our brilliant areas, we will be using artificial barriers. These are great at creating new route choice legs and will make even the most seasoned athletes scratch their heads. See below for an example (not on Calton). The barriers will not be marked on the ground and thus it is up to you to make sure you abide by them.

It goes without saying that a headtorch is required, shoes with good grip are recommended for the mean Calton Slopes, and don’t forget your dibber!

EUOC do have some spare compasses, dibbers and a few headtorches which you can borrow if needed.

Calton Hill offers great views of the city, especially at night. As such, the area may be busy so please be respectful of the public.

The courses have been planned to avoid infringement with the WOC 2024 Embargo. You can find out exactly where the embargo is here.


Results: FWTN #1: Calton Hill

Overall League: